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FREE Hosting List php, mysql and more

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Free Hosting

Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Webspace
Domain Hosting
Price: FREE!

there Free Web Hosting Package contains the following features:
Unlimited Data Transfer
Unlimited Disk Space
100mbps Network Connection
99.9% Uptime
Free Sub Directory ( hostultra.com/~you )
Cool yourname.vzz.net URL!
Free Subdomains ( Many domains to choose from! )
Free Domain Hosting ( yourdomain.com )
Custom Domain DNS Control ( A/CNAME/MX Records )
Browser and FTP Uploading
Unlimited Domains / Unlimited Subdomains
Free Search Engine Submission


Mail, FTP, CGI, Perl, SSI, PHP, ASP (FrontPage), MySQL, CPanel, and many, many more. You really will be your own webmaster. Our thoughtful and patient staff will guide you. Forums for when you seek the help of your peers. Emergency contacts for when you need concentrated one-on-one help.

What's the catch? There isn't one. PortalWorlds.NET is advertising and sponsor supported. Your site will show ads (your choice as to placement, side towers, top banners, popups, and similar) and earn money to cover PortalWorlds.NET's server and administrative costs. You do agree to do nothing offensive nor illegal.

In addition to the many things mentioned, you will also receive a Script Center (crammed with ready to use Perl), 100M diskspace, 250M bandwidth, 1 MySQL database, unlimited POP3 mailboxes (including autoresponders and forwarders), 1 mail list, Oscommerce package, PHP-Nuke, Invision Board, full CPanel.

.www.portalworlds.net thank "agresssor" for this one

USA, English

Space 100 MB
Upload FTP Browser
Editor Advanced Basic
Ads Banner/Popup
Webaddress Subdomain
Features Domainhosting Subdomain Counter Form Guestbook

Beige Tower
USA, English

Space 100 MB
Upload FTP
Editor Advanced Basic
Ads No ads
Webaddress domain
Features PHP POP Email Domainhosting Telnet mySQL SSI CGI-BIN Guestbook

Comet Stream
Canada, English

Space 50 MB
Upload FTP Browser FrontPage
Editor Advanced Basic
Ads No ads
Webaddress Subdomain, Domain
Features PHP POP Email Domainhosting Subdomain mySQL SSI CGI-BIN Shopping Cart Counter Form Guestbook

USA, English
Hosting category: REG,BUSINESS,GAME

Space 100 MB
Upload Browser
Editor Advanced
Ads Popup
Webaddress /you
Features ASP SSI

Alexus Media
USA, English

Space 999 MB
Upload Browser
Editor Advanced Basic
Ads Popup
Webaddress directory
Features RealVideo RealAudio ASP SSI Guestbook

Angel Towns
USA, English
Hosting category: REG,BUSINESS

Space 50 MB
Upload Browser
Editor Advanced Basic
Ads No ads
Webaddress /members/you
Features Guestbook

USA, English
Hosting category: REG,BUSINESS,GAME

Space 30 MB
Upload Browser
Editor Advanced
Ads Bannerad
Webaddress /you
Features mySQL ASP

USA, English
Hosting category: REG,BUSINESS

Space 100 MB
Upload Browser
Editor Advanced Basic
Ads No ads
Webaddress /you
Features POP Email Domainhosting SSI Shopping Cart Counter Form Guestbook

USA, English
Hosting category: REG,OTHER

Space 250 MB
Upload Browser Email
Editor Advanced Basic
Ads No ads
Webaddress Subdomain and Domain
Features PHP POP Email Domainhosting Subdomain Telnet mySQL SSI CGI-BIN Shopping Cart Counter Form Guestbook

USA, English
Hosting category: REG

Space 100 MB
Upload Browser
Editor Advanced Basic
Ads Topbanner
Webaddress /area/you
Features Form Guestbook

Snake INC
USA, English
Hosting category: REG

Space 100 MB
Upload FTP Browser
Editor Advanced Basic
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Webaddress Subdomain
Features PHP POP Email Domainhosting Subdomain mySQL SSI Counter Form Guestbook

USA, English
Hosting category: REG

Space 35 MB
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Editor Advanced Basic
Ads Pop-under
Webaddress Subdomain
Features Subdomain SSI Form Guestbook

USA, English
Hosting category: REG

Space 50 MB
Upload FTP Email
Ads No ads
Webaddress Domain
Features PHP Domainhosting mySQL CGI-BIN

USA, English
Hosting category: REG,BUSINESS,GAME

Space 3000 MB
Upload Browser
Editor Basic
Ads Banner
Webaddress /members/you
Features Form

USA, English
Hosting category: REG

Space 50 MB
Upload FTP
Editor Advanced
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Webaddress Subdomain
Features PHP POP Email Domainhosting Subdomain SSI Counter Guestbook

USA, English
Hosting category: REG,BUSINESS,GAME

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Space 200 MB
Upload Browser
Ads No ads
Webaddress Subdomain
Features PHP Domainhosting Subdomain mySQL CGI-BIN
NO Banner Advertisements
35mb Disk Space
Free Webmail Account
Free Subdomain - (yourname.nexuswebs.net)
Online Website Builder
Multi-Platform Template Editor
Website Template Library
24/7 FTP Access
Online File Manager
Email Virus Protection
Spam Filters
Message Board
Guest Book
Site Counter

50 MB webspace
NO Filesize limit
NO monthly transfer limit
PHP4.1 / MySQL (phpmyadmin) / counter / guesbook / personalised cgi feedback froms / customisable 404 error pages / FTP access

Q.Which files are accepted?
A.Currently we support standard html and images files, which means .htm, .html, .pdf, .gif, .jpg ,.png , .js, .css, .swf, .mid, .jar and .class. The size of your individual files should be < 85kb. Files exceeding this size will get automatically deleted. Besides that, there's no limit on the number of files you can host in your account.

Provider: DK3
Service: 50 MB Webspace
URL: http://www.dk3.com
Max file size: 400KB (I agree this sucks)
Comments: The following things are supported, FTP, MySQL, PHP, Perl, SSI, WAP. Plus pre-made portal and forum are available free.

Provider:Free Web Hosting
Service: 100 Megs of webspace
URL: http://www.freewebsitehosting.com/
Summary:100 Megs Of Webspace, Free Site Promotion,FTP Support,Free Stats and Site Tools,
Unlimited Bandwidth,Free Guestbook, Fast and Reliable Servers,and Front Page Extensions.

Provider: Free Webs
Service: 100 Megs of space
URL: http://members.freewebz.com/
Summary: 100 megs of space, No banners of popups,Web Page Editing and HTML editing,FreeWebs Builder,
Site stats, Chatrooms,Guestbook, Counters, Site promotion, Form builder/Mailer, Photoalbums and more.

Provider: USALLportal
Service: 3 gigs of space
Summary: 3 gigs of space! What else is there to know.

Service: Unlimited Space
Summary: Free hosting for adult sites, FTP access, Unlimited size of sites, Unlimited traffic, Quick Internet connection, TGP compatibility,
Free hosting of your domain.

Provider: HostUltra
Service: Unlimited space
URL: http://www.hostultra.com/
Summary: Unlimited Data Transfer
Unlimited Disk Space, 100mbps Network Connection, 99.9% Uptime, Free Sub Directory,
Free Domain Hosting, Custom Domain DNS Control, Browser and FTP Uploading,PHP,
Hosting for Unlimited Domains w/ Unlimited Subdomains, Free Search Engine Submission,

Service: Unlimited webspace
URL: http://www.crosswinds.net/
Summary: Unlimited WebSpace, Web Based Email, Popups, $1 Premium Referral Reward, and more.

Service:100 Mb space
URL: http://www.1asphost.com/
Summary:100 MB of Web Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, Instant Account Activation,
Online Control Panel, Online Zip/Unzip Capability, Active Server Pages Version 3.0,
MS Access Database Connectivity.

Service: 50 Mb space
Summary: 50 MB Web Space, WWW Board, Guest Book, Form Mail, WYSIWYG Web Editor,
Excellent Support, and more.

Provider: Neopages
Service: 50 Mb space
Summary: 50 Mb space, Unlimited bandwidth, POP E-Mail, True FTP Accounts ,
Site Admin Control Panel,

Provider: Internations Global Web Services
Service: 100 Mb space
Summary: 100 Mb space, 1 GB bandwith, Web Message board, Guestbook,
FormMail script and more.

Provider: I12
Service: 800 Mb space
Summary: 800 Mb space, unlimited POP3 and alias email addresses,
definetly a site to check out!

Provider: Nerd Cities
Service: 100 Mb space
URL: http://www.nerdcities.com/
Summary:100 Megabytes Web Space, GuestBook Counters, Full Technical Support,
Unlimited File Size Web Control Panel, No Bandwidth Limits And more!

Provider: DK3
Service: 50 MB Webspace
URL: http://www.dk3.com
Max file size: 400KB (I agree this sucks)
Comments: The following things are supported, FTP, MySQL, PHP, Perl, SSI, WAP. Plus pre-made portal and forum are available free.

-You have UNLIMITED disk space and bandwidth with your site!.
-You can only upload files with .html, .htm, .jpg, .gif, .css, .js, .png, .pdf
file name extensions.
-Size of every file could not large than 85K bytes.

->How much space do I get?
->How can I upload my files?
-We offer full FTP access. The best FTP client can be found here.
->Can I use PHP or CGI?
->Can I host movies?
->Can I have my pages in non-english language?
->What is the maximum number of files?
->What is the maximum file size?

site for sale

Worldzone Free - 50mb space, allowed file types (au, mid, midi, wav, gif, ico, jpg, jpeg, png, htm, html, shtml, wml, xml, css, class, jar, java, dat, txt, tmpl, htaccess, htpasswd, js, map, swf, ttf). Sorry but no cgi, ftp, MySQL on our Free accounts. 1 468x60 banner will be located on the bottom of your page but can be removed in our $12 yearly Plus Package.

50 mb space

20 MB of disk space ?Have room for your image files, MP3s, video clips.
1 GB of Monthly Bandwidth ?More people can visit your site more often

-> http://www.simplycities.com
page don't load

now it's freecoolpages.com

60 mb of space!
Your website may not contain or refer to sites with the following content: Porn, warez, hack or anything encouraging any kind of illegal activities or racism.

25 megs of webspace
Easy homepage creator
Unlimited bandwidth
Your own messageboard
Free Guestbook
Advanced editor
No fees - 100% FREE!
Fast servers

Service: Unlimited Disk Space
URL: http://www.pohost.com/
Summary: Unlimited disk space, Unlimited transfers, Fast servers,Real FTP Uploads,
Domain name hosting TGP Compliant, and more.

Provider:Free Web Hosting
Service: Unlimited Disk space
Summary:Unlimited disk space,Unlimited transfers, FAST Servers ,Domain Hosting,
24/7 Real FTP Access,Friendly Support, Web Email, FREE Web Promotion.

Provider: Zoom Fast
Service: Unlimited Space
Summary: Unlimited space,Unlimited bandwith, High speed servers and more

URL: http://www.yoogo.com
Summary: Offering a great 50 MB of space plus other features like Email Forms, Guestbooks and even Message Boards. Funny name I'm sure you will agree yet worth a look because of the nice amount of space!

Provider: Worldzone.net
Service: 100 MB Webspace
URL: http://www.worldzone.net
Summary: Offering a fantasic 100 MB why not give them a go! They do not accept Warze

[Directly Download] FREE Hosting List php, mysql and more!

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