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INE Ethical Hacking Module 5 System Hacking Josue Vargas

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INE Ethical Hacking Module 5 System Hacking Josue Vargas
INE | Ethical Hacking: Module 5 :: System Hacking | Josue Vargas
English | Size: 591.36 MB
Category: CBTs


The System Hacking module is the start of what you were looking for in all the previous phases of the Hacking Lifecycle. With the information gathered during previous stages, we will learn how we can force our way into a system, crack passwords, create backdoors, maintaining access to the system, hiding our files in plain sight and covering tracks. After this module, everything else revolves around different techniques and technologies that can be used to hack systems and networks, being the present module the theoretical foundation for what's to come.

Table of Contents

System Authentication
Password Cracking
Password Cracking Lab
Password Reset Lab
Privilege Escalation
Executing Applications
Hiding Files
Covering Tracks
Currently Released Modules: (Bitspyder Links)

1 :: Introduction To Ethical Hacking
2 :: Footprinting And Reconnaissance
3 :: Scanning Networks
4 :: Enumeration
5 :: System Hacking
6 :: Malware Threats
7 :: Sniffing

Future Modules:
8 :: Social Engineering
9 :: Denial of Service
10 :: Session Hijacking
11 :: Hacking Webservers
12 :: Hacking Web Applications
13 :: SQL Injection
14 :: Hacking Wireless Networks
15 :: Hacking Mobile Platforms
16 :: Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots
17 :: Cloud Computing
18 :: Cryptography

Instructor: Josue Vargas
CCNA, CCNP R&S, CCNA Security, CCDA, CCDP, JNCIA, JNCIS-Sec, JNCIP-Sec, JNCIS-ENT, VCP-DCV, CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker)

Josué Vargas is a networks and security engineer and also owns his own company in Costa Rica, Netquarks Technologies S.R.L. He started law school, but soon realized this wasn't the path for him. While working in the call center industry he discovered Cisco and started researching careers in the IT industry. Josué quickly began taking classes and became CCNA, CCNP and CCDA Security certified. Later, he took a detour towards Juniper Technologies where he achieved JNCIP-Sec and JNCIP-ENT. He was then recruited by IBM to become a deployment and integration engineer for Managed Security Services, where he obtained his CEH certification. This career allowed him to discover the world of information security, the discipline that would take him to Africa as a consultant, to INE as an instructor and to build an entire SOC from scratch. Outside of work, Josué enjoys music, travelling, learning languages and trying all sorts of food.

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